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This General Client Agreement (“Agreement”) is a binding contract between Salem Animal Hospital (“Hospital”) and the individual whose name is printed below (“Client”). Client and Hospital, together “Parties” and each a “Party,” agree as follows: Nature of the Agreement. By signing this Agreement, Client engages Hospital to provide general veterinary services on an as needed basis as requested by Client. Services and Client Authorization. Hospital agrees to provide general veterinary services to Patient as needed in exchange for Client’s payment of all required costs and fees associated with the services provided (the “Services”). The Services may be provided on a recurring basis predicated on the needs and authorization of Client. Client warrants that they own or are otherwise responsible for the care of Patient, having authority to obtain veterinary services for Patient, and hereby authorizes the use of anesthetics as deemed advisable by Hospital. Term and Termination. This Agreement will commence on the date it is signed by Client (the “Effective Date”) and will continue for a period of twelve (12) months. Either Party may terminate this Agreement by providing written notice of termination to the other Party. Client will pay to Hospital all unpaid amounts owed to Hospital for services rendered immediately upon termination of this Agreement. Payment. Client will pay all fees and costs associated with the Services. Payment may be made via cash, MasterCard, Visa, check, or Care Credit and is due at the time that the Services are rendered. In the event that Client does not pay at the time that the Services are rendered, an interest fee of 1% per month (12% per annum) and an additional billing fee will be charged to Client. Publicity Release. The Client acknowledges that the Hospital may at times take photographs of the Client and/or the Patient for purposes of marketing and promotion of the Hospital’s business. By checking the “Accept” box below, Client consents to the unrestricted use of its name, likeness, and image for such purposes, and any purposes related to the Hospital’s business. The Client further acknowledges the Hospital will provide no payment, royalties, or other form of compensation to the Client in exchange for the use of the Client’s likeness for such purposes.
Hospital Liability. Hospital will not be liable for any damage or injuries to Client or Patient which arise from or relate to the Services. Client hereby waives any and all claims against Hospital arising from or relating to the Services. Overnight Care. Client acknowledges that Hospital does not offer overnight or twenty-four (24) hour medical care. Should Patient require care or monitoring during non-staffed hours, Client will be solely responsible for arranging transport of Patient to an emergency or twenty-four (24) hour care facility. Client will be further responsible for all costs arising from transportation and emergency service fees. Hospital may, in its sole discretion, assist Client in the arrangement of such transport but is in no way obligated to do so. Hospital will not be liable for any damages or injuries to Client or Patient arising from or relating to the transport of Patient to such a facility. Governing Law, Dispute Resolution, and Attorneys’ Fees. This Agreement will be construed according to the laws of the commonwealth of Virginia, without respect to its choice of law provisions. In any dispute arising from or relating to this Agreement, the Parties will resolve dispute only in the state and federal courts for the city of Salem, Virginia. In any such suit in which Hospital prevails, Hospital will be entitled to recover all costs incurred, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. Entire Agreement. This Agreement represents the entire agreement by the Parties. The Parties make no agreements, representations, or warranties except as contained in this Agreement. Assignment and Delegation. Neither Party may assign or delegate any or its rights or responsibilities under this Agreement to a third party without the express consent of the non-assigning or non-delegating party. Amendment. Any amendment to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both Parties. Waiver. Waiver of any breach of this Agreement by either Party shall not constitute a continuing waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or a different paragraph of this Agreement. Severability. If any court or other authority determines that any paragraph in this Agreement is invalid, illegal, or otherwise unenforceable, it will strike the paragraph and enforce the remainder of the Agreement.
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